Our villas

The luxury holiday homes and villas are individually owned and therefore offer different styles of interior and decoration. Our Villa Park has been developed in two separate phases. The luxury holiday homes were built 20 years ago, the newer villas during the last five years.

All luxury holiday homes and villas available for rent are carefully screened annually for quality and thoroughly cleaned before each arrival. Most of the new villas have a private, heated pool and every luxury holiday home and villa offers spacious surroundings offering our guests freedom and privacy.

Types of villas 

An overview of the various types of villas we offer can be found in the table below. Her you can also find the main characteristics of each type of villa.

Elsewhere on this website we offer information on the characteristics and facilities of each individual villa. There are also photo’s available in which the style of interior decoration can be seen so you can get a good impression of what we offer you. Please click here for more information.

typebedroomsmaximum personsAvailable
with private poolbuilt in the yearfloorspace
22009-2015160 m2
42009-2015120 m2
02009-201595 m2
01992-1995115 m2
01992-199590 m2
01992-199580 m2