Bird Sanctuary of le Teich (21 km)

In the bird sanctuary “Reserve Ornithologique du Teich” over 300.000 migratory birds take shelter during different periods of the year. The sanctuary allows visitors the opportunity to observe unusual wild birds at close range. Visitors can enjoy the 6 km route that the park has laid out with observations posts and information notices, allowing them to enjoy the local wildlife without disturbing the natural environment.

Tours and tastings at the wine châteaux (30 km)

The Bordeaux region is famous for its wines. The closest wine regions Pessac-Léognan, Graves and Sauternes are 30 km from Salles. Saint Emilion (85 km) must be seen by every wine aficionado. Between the hilly vineyards we find countless châteaux, where tours and tastings can be enjoyed. The availability and programs of the châteaux can be found at our reception.

Climb the tallest dune in Europe (34 km)

Dune de Pyla is the tallest sand-dune in Europe. This 117 meters tall and 3 km long dune can be climbed for its stunning view at the top across the Atlantic Ocean and the Bassin d’Arcachon. Those who prefer not to make the climb can still enjoy a similar view from the luxury terrace of the hotel/restaurant La Co(o)rniche in Pyla.

Boat trip accross the Bassin d’Arcachon (34 km)

Arcachon is a stylish seaside resort, offering a beach behind a fine planted boulevard. The Bassin d’Arcachon is an inner sea covering an area of 250 km2, famous for its oyster farms. The basin is best explored by boat, for which many different options are offered. Due to the lack of waves and the clean beaches, swimming in the Bay is particularly enjoyable.

Château de la Brède in Montesquieu (35 km)

We advise anyone with a taste for history and unique architecture to visit Château de la Brede in Montesquieu. This castle, which is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, is located 20 km south of Bordeaux.

Seaside resorts of Biscarosse and Biscarosse-plage (38 km)

A pleasant seaside resort on the Atlantic coast with quaint golden beaches, fine surf and vast pine forests. Biscarosse is listed as one of the most beautiful flower cities of France and consists of three centers; Biscarosse Ville, where you can enjoy shopping, Biscarosse Plage (on the coast) with a beautiful sandy beach and lively boulevard, and Biscarosse Lac (on the lakeside) with white sandy beaches and turquoise water. You can also enjoy hiking on the 15 routes with a total distance of 125 km.

Discover Bordeaux (48 km)

Bordeaux is known as “a city of art and history” as well as listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. It is a historical city with many tourist attractions and fine restaurants. You can recognize the Roman architecture, but at the same time find yourself in the middle of student life with many bars and restaurants. One day is not nearly enough to fully discover Bordeaux, but it allows for a start and a taste for more. The city offers city travel cards, with which you can use its extremely high quality public transportation, visit museums, take a tour in an open bus and a guided tour.

Bordeaux has a long and attractive shopping street and along the Garonne you can also shop as well as enjoy the restaurants. Les Quais is a promenade with a beautiful view of the river and the famous bridges of Bordeaux. You can see the Aquitaine Bridge with its unique architecture. The boulevard has a nice skate park and a large, spectacular water mirror where children can enjoy themselves.

Behind the boulevard and its beautiful restored buildings and warehouses you will find many charming squares with café terraces. The area surrounding the Gambetta plaza is known as ‘little Paris’. You can relax and picnic in the gardens in the northern area of this plaza. Of note is the public transportation system with its modern trams and the white bike area for transportation within the city.


Slightly further from Salles (155 km) to the south you will find Biarritz, a famous historical seaside resort with international appeal in the middle of French Basque Country. Spanish influence is visible everywhere. During the 19th century Biarritz was a simple fishing village. After Empress Eugenie of France built a villa here, the town became famous and desirable with European High Society. A visit to Biarritz can easily be combined with a visit to the Pyrenees or northern Spanish cities such as San Sebastian or Pamplona.

Various museums

A vacation in the Gironde also offers many ways to enjoy various cultural outings. The area contains cities which have a rich history and historical heritage.

  • Maison de l’huitre in Gujan Mestras tells the history of the oyster and oyster farms
  • Museum des Beaux Arts with Dutch, Flemish and Italian painters of the 17th century
  • The CAPC, museum for modern art, located in a former warehouse in Bordeaux
  • The Museum des Arts Décoratifs in Bordeaux exhibits tableware, glassware and interior architecture
  • Museum d’Aquitaine in Bordeaux featuring the Aquitaine region, from prehistoric to current times, with explanations on old crafts
  • The Museum Goupil, city museum/print room in Bordeaux shows printing techniques and graphic arts
  • Vinorama is a wine museum in Bordeaux which shouldn’t be missed amongst the total offering of museums in this city
  • Casa de Goya in Bordeaux is the house where Francisco Goya, the Spanish painter, stayed for several years at the end of his life
  • Seaplane Museum in Biscarosse to learn everything there is to know about seaplanes