A day at the beach

The coastline, which stretches from the Gironde to the Pyrenees, offers many beautiful, empty beaches, but also seaside resorts such as Biscarosse and Mimizan. During the main season it can get quite busy with many activities organized for tourists.

De Gulf of Biscay is a favorite with surfers. The, at times, immense waves guarantee quite a spectacle. However, these same waves make swimming here dangerous. The beaches therefore have lifeguards on duty.

Climbing the tallest dune in Europe

Dune de Pyla is the tallest dune in Europe. This 117 meters tall and 3 km long dune can be climbed for its stunning view at the top across the Atlantic Ocean and the Bassin d’Arcachon. Those who prefer not to make the climb can still enjoy a similar view from the luxury terrace of the hotel/restauarnt La Co(o)rniche.